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CorConsult Rx: Evidence-Based Medicine and Pharmacy

Jul 31, 2019

On this episode, we review various disease states by going through a patient case. We talk about diabetes management, HFrEF, hypertension, dyslipidemia, ASCVD, osteoarthritis, neuropathy, depression, etc. The patient case will be available on our website under the "Show Notes" heading. Let us know if you would handle...

Jul 24, 2019

On this episode, we answer some common questions from the world of community pharmacy. One of our listeners compiled these questions and e-mailed them to us. Some examples include the difference between diltiazem formulations, doxycycline monohydrate vs hyclate, and methylphenidate LA vs CD. If you have any questions,...

Jul 22, 2019

On this episode, we review the pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy involved with the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. If you have any questions, reach out to us on any of the following: Mike - Cole - Instagram and other social media platforms -...

Jul 4, 2019

On this episode, we discuss the updated 2019 GINA (Asthma) guidelines. We review basic pathophysiology and diagnostics. We then examine the updated treatment options including the use of PRN inhaled ICS + formoterol in place of an albuterol inhaler. Below is a link to the GINA pocket guidelines: