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CorConsult Rx: Evidence-Based Medicine and Pharmacy

May 30, 2023

On this episode, we discuss the considerations and possible changes to a patient's general depression regimen when they have various comorbidities or other circumstances that affect their health . The comorbidities/situations that we cover include: patients with coronary artery disease, patients over the age of...

May 24, 2023

On this episode, we discuss Vowst, the oral fecal microbiota product for preventing the recurrance of C. diff infection. We review Vowst's dosing, administration, drug-drug interactions, clinical trial data, and more. 

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May 15, 2023

On this episode, we review the various pharmacotherapy options that are used in the management of osteoporosis. We go over bisphosphonates, denosumab, parathyroid hormone analogics, and romosozumab. 

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May 1, 2023

On this episode, we compare and contrast the various pharmacotherapy options used to manage acne vulgaris. We review topical retinoids, topical and oral antibiotics, androgen-receptor inhibitors, oral contraceptives, spironolactone, and oral isotretinoin. We close with a patient case to summarize the episode. 

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